Module 1 : The Nitrogen Cycle and Crop Nitrogen Guidelines

This section covers the importance of efficient nitrogen use in agriculture and a review of the crop and soil nitrogen cycle.  The theory is put into practice through calculations of crop nitrogen guidelines for New York State with on-line calculators.

Module 2 : Nitrogen from Manure

The forms of nitrogen in manure, manure sampling and analysis, and nitrogen availability from present and past applications are discussed in this section. Nitrogen availability can be estimated for various manure application rates, timings, and methods with on-line calculators.

Module 3 : Manure and Fertilizer Phosphorus Management

This section covers the importance and practice of efficient phosphorus use in agriculture. Soil tests, crop yield calibration trials, and the resulting crop phosphorus guidelines for New York State are used to make manure and fertilizer recommendations.

Module 4 : The Phosphorus Runoff Index

This module discusses how to both identify high risk areas for phosphorus loss from fields and reduce the risk. The approach is explained through the New York State Phosphorus Runoff Index, a tool used by nutrient management planners to reach both of these goals.

Module 5 : Fertilizer Management

The roles of fertilizers on dairy farms, methods of application, forms and characteristics of the basic fertilizer ingredients, and the use of fertilizers to supplement on-farm nutrients are covered in this section.