Crop N Guidelines

Applying the N Cycle processes to calculate N guidelines for optimum yielding crops and minimal losses to the environment

Consider corn as an example. To calculate the N requirement, start by factoring in the following crop N demands and sources of N.

When it's all packaged in an equation, it looks like this...

The result is used to calculate how much manure and/or fertilizer to apply in the upcoming growing season for a healthy corn crop and minimal losses.

Step through the Corn N Guidelines in the following pages to investigate each of the factors that help make a plan for efficient N management.

As you scroll through the Corn N Guidelines, answer the questions (and take notes if helpful) on the Corn N Worksheet. You'll have a chance to work with this equation interactively at the end of this section.

To read more on this subject: Nitrogen Guidelilnes for Field Crops in New York (section 4.1)

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