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Publications - Books

Acts of Gaiety: LGBT Performance and the Politics of Pleasure (Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Press, 2012), recipient of the ATHE Outstand Book Award, the Barnard Hewitt Award for Theater History (Honorable Mention), and a Lambda Literary Award Finalist.

Acts of Gaiety explores the mirthful modes of political performance that inspire and sustain deadly serious struggles for revolutionary change. In response to queer theory’s long-suffering romance with mourning and melancholia and a national agenda that urges homosexuals to renounce pleasure in a bid to be taken seriously by mainstream society, Warner seeks to reanimate gaiety as a political value for progressive LGBT activism by redirecting our attention to the importance of pleasure, humor, fun, and frivolity in the shaping of LGBT lives.

Against a sobering neoliberal landscape that promotes assimilation through marriage and military reform, this book looks at anarchic antics such as camp, kitsch, drag, guerrilla theater, zap actions, rallies, manifestos, pageants, and parades alongside more familiar forms of "legitimate theater." Weaving together performance studies, affect theory, and sexuality studies, Warner mines the archives of lesbian-feminist activism of the 1950s, 60s, and 70s, highlighting the outrageous gaiety that lay at the center of the social and theatrical performances of the era and uncovering original documents long thought to be lost. Juxtaposing historical actors such as Valerie Solanas, the Radicalesbians, and Jill Johnston with more recent performers and activists (including Hothead Paisan, riot grrrls, and the Five Lesbian Brothers), this book shows how reclaiming this largely discarded and disavowed past elucidates new possibilities for being and belonging. Throughout Acts of Gaiety, Warner demonstrates the mutually informing histories of gayness as politics and gayness as joie de vivre as she argues for the centrality of liveliness to queer performance and protest.

Acts of Gaiety is a rollicking ride. Sara Warner revises both lesbian feminist histories, emphasizing riotous joyful action rather than earnest righteousness, and queer theoretical trends, stressing pleasurable politics over loss and the death drive. And who wouldn’t want to spend the day reading about the Lavender Menace, Valerie Solanas, the Five Lesbian Brothers, and Hothead Paisan?”
— Lisa Duggan, New York University

"Acts of Gaiety is a great read. Filled with excellent research that sets the various theater productions in context and accompanied by a compelling historical account of the conjunctions of riot and revelry in LGBT liberation movements, it will make an impact on a number of different fields." — Judith (Jack) Halberstam, USC

Publications - Journals & Anthologies

Co-author, “A Collective Call Against Critical Bias,” HowlRound 26 June 2017.

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Publications - Book Reviews

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 Publications - Mainstream Media

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“Most Diverse Broadway Season Ever: If You Leave Out Women,” Womens eNews 9 June 2016.

“Pulitzer Prize Winning-Alum Returns to Campus for Ph.D.,” Cornell Chronicle 29 March 2016.

“Transgender Revolutionaries Profiled in New Documentary,” Huffington Post 1 March 2016.

“Political Performance: It Didn’t Start with Kendrick Lamar and Beyoncé,” Huffington Post 22 February 2016.

“How Gay Marriage and Wedding Culture Threaten Other Couples,” Time Magazine 11 February 2016.