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Term Project - Topics (Proposed and/or Ideas)

  • Control of Deer in Pumpkins
  • Feasibility of Conium maculatum as a Trap Plant for Control of Harmonia
  • Growth Rate of Penicillium expansum on Apple (Malus domestica) in Varied Post-harvest Storage Temperatures
  • The Effect of Coccinellid Species Ladybugs on Aphids
  • Contender Vs. Harvester:   How Aphids Respond to Different Snap Bean Cultivars
  • Dodder—Controlling a Parasitic Weed!
  • Harmonia axyridis on Grapes: Beneficial or Pest?
  • Housefly Pupa Age Preferences of Muscidifurax raptor
  • Using Nematodes As Biological Agents Under Varying Temperature Regimes
  • Organic Versus Integrated Fruit Production of Apples at Cornell Orchards
  • Assessing Deer Impacts in Suburban Neighborhoods
  • Post Harvest Integrated Pest Management for Small Grains
  • Weed Management Practices in Vineyards within the Finger Lakes Region
  • Effectiveness of Various Sticky Traps to Control Supella longipalpa and Other Insect-Pests at Schawardt Lab
  • Controlling Whitefly in Muenscher Greenhouse Facility using Eggplant Trap Plants