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Term Project - Contacts by Topic

Topic Contact Organization Contact
Organic fruit and vegetables Ian Merwin Department of Horticulture/Dilmun Hill Farm im13
Insect pests or invasive weeds
Donna Levy, IPM Coordinator Cornell Plantations dl51
Greenhouse Pests / Conservatory Carol Bader cb13
Animal production - monitoring and biological/chemical control of pests of cattle and chickens Don Rutz dar11
Urban pests - monitoring and control of 'urban' pests (i.e. flies, cockroaches, termites) Carolyn Klass ck20
Hydroponic vegetable production - monitoring and control of aphids on hydroponic lettuce; many opportunities for baseline research which will greatly facilitate pest management; other systems such as hyroponic spinach and beans will also be available John Sanderson / Robert Langhans jps3 / rwl2
Weed management
  • weed management at Caldwell field houses
  • monitoring and biological/chemical
  • there are some interesting projects involving beetles that control weeds
Toni DiTommaso ad97
Mosquito management
  • biological control with fish
  • control with pathogens
Laura Harrington lch27
Varoa mites on bees Nick Calderone nwc4
Tree fruits We will help you establish contacts
Commercial pest control services (i.e. golf course) or interior pests (i.e. restaurants and other buildings) We will help you establish contacts
White fly and aphid control - Muenscher teaching greenhouse We will help you establish contacts
Cockroaches in campus/urban settings We will help you establish contacts
Book louse at a Cornell library We will help you establish contacts
Consumer ideas about blemished produce/willingness to pay We will help you establish contacts