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click to listen to interviewListen to an interview with grafting instructor Ken Mudge broadcast Jan. 3 on WFPL radio's HomeGrown show. (Fast forward to 21:20)
The Natural and Human History of Plant Cloning
Ken Mudge
Explore the world of plant propagation with Ken Mudge. This Cornell CyberTower 'study room' features video lectures on layering, cuttings, grafting, micropropagation and more. (Free, but registration required.)
The How, When, and Why of Grafting for Gardeners Course Content Homepage

"The ways or fashions of grafting are legion. There are as many ways as there are ways of whittling. The operator may fashion the union of the stock and the cion to suit himself, if only he apply cambium to cambium, make a close joint, and properly protect the work."
-- Liberty Hyde Bailey, Standard Cyclopedia of Horticulture, 1928

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Learning Objectives
Concepts and Definitions
Requirements for Successful Grafting and Budding
Natural and Human History of Grafting and Budding
Reasons for Grafting and Budding
Anatomy and Physiology of Grafting Union Formation

Introduction to Lab Exercises Alphabetical listing of Grafting & Budding Techniques

Specific crops propagation systems involving grafting or budding: Literature Cited
Other Web and Print Grafting Resources

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