ECE 5330 Semiconductor Optoelectronics




Course Description

ECE533 is a comprehensive graduate level course on semiconductor optoelectronics. Topics covered include fundamentals of optical interband transitions in semiconductors, spontaneous and stimulated emission of photons in semiconductors, non-radiative transitions, semiconductor materials for optoelectronics, optical absorption and gain, photodetectors, solar cells, fundamentals limits for solar cells, integrated optical waveguides and cavities, semiconductor optical amplifiers, light emitting diodes, solid state lighting, semiconductor lasers, laser dynamics, quantum well, and quantum dot lasers, integrated DFB and DBR structures, vertical cavity surface emitting lasers, micro cavity lasers, widely tunable photonics, electro-absorption light modulators, all-optical switches, intersubband optical transitions, quantum cascade lasers, semiconductor optical devices in optical communication systems.


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