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Lab Members

Whittaker Lab

Photographs by Dave Burbank (UREL)


Gary Whittaker, BSc, PhD
Section Chief, Infectious Disease & Epidemiology
Professor, Microbiology and Immunology

Dr. Whittaker received a bachelor's degree in Biochemistry, and his Ph.D. in Microbiology from Leeds University U.K - studying the molecular biology and biochemistry of equine herpesvirus. The laboratory of Dr. Ari Helenius at Yale University was the sight of his postdoctoral training in the study of the cell biology of influenza virus replication. Dr Whittaker's laboratory is focused on the entry of influenza and coronaviruses into host cells and is funded by research grants from the Cornell Feline Health Center, Winn Feline Foundation, Morris Animal Foundation, and the National Institutes of Health.

Information about Dr. Whittaker's research:

Participation in “This Week in Virology” #436 podcast: Virology above Cayuga’s waters:

Gary Whittaker PI
Nicole Andre Research Support Specialist
Miya Kristine Bidon PhD student - Daniel Lab
Hayley Hofmar-Glennon MPH Student
Javier A. Jaimes Postdoctoral Associate
Alex L. Lai Research Associate - Freed Lab  
Carolyn Roche Undergraduate Research Student
Alison Stout PhD Student, Bio. and Biomedical Sciences
Marco Straus Research Associate
Arjun Sweet Undergraduate Research Student
Tiffany Tang PhD Student
Tara Tremmel Undergraduate Student
Wendy Wingate Technician


Sandrine Belouzard Group Leader Univ. of Lille, France
Michele Bialecki Clinical Trial Operations Inovio Pharmaceuticals
Lisa L. Bolin    
Victor Chu Research Scientist Cephaid Inc.
Soreen Cyphers Junior Scientist University of Minnesota
Xinna Ge Associate Professor China Agricultural University
Monty Goldstein Graduate Student University of Maryland
Brian Hamilton Research Scientist Boehringer Ingelheim
Rachael Labitt DVM Lab Animal Medicine Resident
Donald Lee Computational Immunology Research Scientist Henry M. Jackson Foundation for the Advancement of Military Medicine
Beth Licitra In Practice Ithaca NY
Ikenna Madu Senior Scientist Kineta Inc.
Valerie Marcano Vet. Student/PhD Candidate University of Georgia
Guadalupe Martinez Postdoctoral Associate Albert Einstein College of Medicine
Jean Millet  Researcher (CRCN) INRA French National Institute for Agricultural Research
Lakshmi Nathan BASF Leadership Development Program
Andrew Regan Patent Attorney Atlanta, GA
Shoshannah Roth Senior Science Writer ECRI Institute
Sara Sieczkarski Dean of Students Buffalo Seminary
Xiangjie Sun Staff Scientist Influenza Division, Centers for Disease Control
Victor Tse
Post-doctoral Fellow UNC Chapel Hill
Hannah Watkins Graduate Student MIT
Xinfen Yu Senior Technologist Hangzhou
Yueting Zhang Analytical Team Lead/Senior Scientist
Bristol Myers Squibb