Turkey bone test data

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NOTE: In the Excel files, the data is pre-plotted and a line is fit through the linear range. A Matlab program is available to help you plot and analyze the data. To use the "MatlabGrapher" program, download and save it on your computer. Download and save the data files you wish to analyze (.txt format, NOT .xls format). Be sure to put the program and the data in the same directory.

Description and nominal dimensions
Data file
Excel Files
Photos of broken sample
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Bone type: Wet

GL=118.72 mm

Bone type: Wet

GL=128.65 mm

Bone type: Wet

GL=116.38 mm


Bone type: Dry

GL=121.87 mm

Turkeybone_Dry_1.txt Turkeybone_Dry_1.xls

Bone type: Dry

GL=124.23 mm

Turkeybone_Dry_2.txt Turkeybone_Dry_2.xls

Bone type: Dry

GL=124.77 mm

Turkeybone_Dry_3.txt Turkeybone_Dry_3.xls

File Naming Convention: Material_Repeat.txt

Note: GL=Gage length, OD=Outer diameter, ID=Inner Diameter.



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