LSP 3010/LATA 3010   
Hispanic Theater Production, Syllabus and course requirements

Debra A. Castillo (instructor, advisor) <>         

For most of you, this course is unlike any other course you will take during your Cornell careers.  It involves working in a group on a single  large and  complex production that will require your talents and commitment for it to be successful.  The object of the course is to stage a chosen play from the Spanish, Latin American, or US Latino Spanglish traditions, with the highest possible production values given limited time and budget.  In the course of the semester, we will meet to discuss the play as a literary text, and will then rapidly break up into production groups.  The course may be taken for grade or S/U, for 1-3 credits, depending on the level of commitment and responsibility: following Cornell norms, we expect a minimum of 50 hours (5 hours per week average) per 1 credit.  All students are expected to write a brief final paper at the end of the semester reflecting upon their experience with the production.  For those who chose a grade option, grades will be based on quality of individual participation as well as on the quality of the whole production.

Please note that work schedules may be uneven, depending on the task.  For some members of the group (for example--but not exclusively--lights, sound, makeup, costumes) there are two periods of intense work: (1) at the design stage and (2) during the final rehearsals and play production. Again:  a reminder;  you will need to plan the rest of your semester carefully as we will be counting on you during the final push.

All participants in the course should plan for a heavy work schedule performance weeks.

Guidelines for credit assignment:

Usually 3    Director, Actors, Producer                              

Usually 2 credits:    Set Designer, Stage manager/Assistant Director

                                Usually 1 credit: Publicity team, Costumes, Set construction, Makeup, Light technicians, Sound techicians