IV- Production:
The production aspects of the play are divided into two main tasks, the producer and the public relations head.

A. Producer:
• The producer is in charge of coordinating all the administrative tasks having to do with Teatrotaller, including the coordination of publicity, the preparation of a production calendar, the compliance with the deadlines, and the development of the organization both, on and off campus.
• At the same time, the producer is also in charge of maintaining order in all of the administrative aspects of the group.
Duties and responsibilities:
• The producer must also make sure that a play is selected before the beginning of the semester. If a play isn’t picked, the production process needs to continue and all preparations must be based on the sample budgets/itineraries here enclosed.
• The producer is responsible for reminding group members (including the director) of upcoming deadlines. Before the semester begins, the producer must put together a production calendar like the one enclosed in this section. It is important that the producer push the troupe to comply with these deadlines. Theater is a race against time, and the process won’t run smoothly if these deadlines aren’t followed.
• The producer must also be present at the auditions with the director. The director will ensure that all of the bases have been covered for the artistic positions (designers, actors, etc). The producer must make sure that the administrative positions are filled and that there are enough people to carry out the tasks.
• Another crucial duty of the producer is to reserve performance and rehearsal spaces. Performance spaces must be reserved at least a semester in advance. There is a great need for theater spaces on campus, and if the producer doesn’t take care of this issue right away, there won’t be any options.
• Making reservations for rehearsal spaces may also be hard. Through the Romance Studies Department, Teatrotaller has arranged to have rooms certain days of the week. In this case, the producer only has to reserve spaces for those days of the week that the group doesn’t have a space. Rehearsals are usually held in Goldwin Smith since it is the most accessible place for most of the students. Anne Becker is the contact person to make reservations and her e-mail is enclosed in the general contact sheet in this course packet.
• The producer is responsible for general oversight and making sure people meet their deadlines. Specifically, s/he
Shall be responsible for overseeing production of sets together with the Set Designer
Shall observe regulations of theater space (fire hazards, fire-proof paints, safety devices for sets, etc.)
Shall be responsible for overseeing that the light team and sound team are working appropriately with their respective designers to produce the objective conceptualization.
Should mediate any difference in opinions that may rise between set designs, light designs and sound designs.
Shall make sure that set team, light team and sound team comply with the final dates in as stated in the production calendar.
• About a week before the production team plans to move the set to the theater, the producer must reserve a truck to carry this task. The truck needs to be reserved for both moving in and out of the theater and the number for the U-Haul truck rental is enclosed in the general contact sheet in this section.
• Moving the set to the theater is the responsibility of the producer and the stage manager. While the stage manager will take care of organizing the articles that will be moved to the theater, the producer is in charge of organizing the members of Teatrotaller. The producer will decide on a time and a place where the entire team will meet. He/she will assign duties, decide who will take care of picking up the truck, and arrange all the details of the transportation of materials.
• The producer is also in charge of coordinating any other special needs for the production. For example, for the play La barca sin pescador, the producer took care of coordinating the rental of buses for the transportation of students to the theater.

B. Public Relations Head:
• The role of the public relations head consists mainly, but not solely of maintaining a good public relations with the Cornell and Ithaca community.
• S/he is in charge of representing Teatrotaller at any meetings and establishing ties with the Cornell and greater Ithaca communities. Teatrotaller’s producer is the person in charge of representing the troupe and doing networking.
Duties and responsibilities:
• Right at the beginning of the semester, the public relations head must make sure that the organization is registered in the fifth floor of Willard Straight. At this time, s/he must also reserve a spot for the publicity banner to be hung at the Campus Store the week before the play. Spaces run out quickly. The public relations head must take care of doing this right at the beginning of the semester to ensure a spot.
• In order to submit a budget application for the Student Assembly Finance Commission, it is necessary to write an advisor’s report about the group’s status and plans for the upcoming semester. It is the responsibility of the public relations head to work with the treasurer on budget applications, and to let Professor Debra Castillo know of the deadline for the submission of the advisor’s document.
• Once auditions are held, and the entire production team has been selected, the next step is to coordinate publicity and divide the work among the various members of the group. The different deadlines that need to be followed for this process are also enclosed in the production calendar. The duties of the publicity team are divided in the publicity section of this manual. The public relations head does not do the publicity, but rather coordinates how this will be done and makes sure all publicity, including flyers, tickets, programs, banner, mailings, discounts to groups, Amigos de Teatrotaller, etc. are completed on a timely basis.
• In the case of a co-sponsorship or an event planned with other student organizations, the public relations head will function as the liaison between the two groups. More importantly, the public relations head is in charge of maintaining good relations with the administration and members of the community. This means that he/she will make sure that a representative from the group is sent to all major political/social/cultural activities on campus.