Videos of Lectures

David Kang

East Asia and China’s Rise: Authority and Power in International Relations
David Kang (University of Southern California)
Video of Lecture

Justin Lin

Demystifying the Chinese Economy
Justin Lin (Chief Economist, World Bank)
Video of Lecture

Joseph Chan

Democracy, Human Rights and Confucian Values: Reconstructing Confucian Political Thought for China’s Political Development
Joseph Chan (University of Hong Kong)
Video of Lecture

Rosemary Foot

China and Humanitarian Intervention: Beijing’s Influence on "the Responsibility to Protect"
Rosemary Foot (Oxford University)
Video of Lecture

Shaoguang Wang

Toward a More Secure and More Equal Society: Policy Reorientation in China
Wang Shaoguang (Chinese University of Hong Kong)
Video of Lecture

Wang Jisi

Beijing’s Strategic Distrust of the United States and Its Policy Implications
Wang Jisi (Peking University)
Video of Lecture


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