Cornell Program on
Ethics & Public Life

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September 12
Larry Jacobs (Minnesota) on the rise of Donald Trump and the struggle for “Americanness” [EPL]
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October 3
Daniel Gillon (Pennsylvania), Michael Tesler (UC Irvine), and Christina Greer (Fordham) on race, social movements, and the election [Belnick]
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October 17
Andrew Bacevich (Boston University) on Obama's Foreign Policy Legacy: Where Do We Go From Here? [EPL]
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October 31
Daniel Schlozman (Johns Hopkins), Julia Azari (Marquette), Stephen Skowronek (Yale) on A Partisan Realignment? The Parties and the 2016 Election [Belnick, in Klarman Auditorium]
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November 14
Jennifer Lawless (American University) on lessons from the outcome about women in American politics and Americans' alienation from politics [EPL]
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Lewis Auditorium
Goldwin Smith Hall

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