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I am a Professor in the Philosophy Department at Cornell University and Director of the Program on Ethics and Public Life. My main interest is social and political philosophy. My writing and teaching on international justice concern such topics as duties to help the global poor, the moral status of patriotism and of special duties toward compatriots, moral problems of globalization and global climate change, the ethics of war, and the moral implications of American power. My emphasis is on how transnational relationships of power shape political responsibilities, the theme of my book, Globalizing Justice: The Ethics of Poverty and Power (2010). My writing and teaching on social justice within the nation-state often concern the moral significance of economic inequality, the nature and implications of democratic values and the proper political role of evaluations of ways of life. Some topics of my current work are the role of mutual concern in the foundations of economic justice, the importance of equality of political influence and its implications for political and economic reform, moral issues posed by the U.S. response to the rise of China, the assessment of Rawls’ account of economic justice, domestic and international, and the relationship between intended and foreseeable harm in judgments of moral permissibility.






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Some Recent Courses


Philosophy 4470/6430, Social and Political Philosophy, (Fall 2013), a seminar on democracy (Syllabus)


Philosophy 4470/6430, Social and Political Philosophy (Fall 2012), a seminar on equality, liberty, and democracy (Syllabus)


Philosophy 6430, Social and Political Philosophy (Spring 2011): a graduate seminar on economic inequality (Syllabus)


Philosophy 6470, Social and Political Philosophy (Spring 2010): a graduate seminar on the ethics of war  (Syllabus)

Philosophy 6430, Social and Political; Philosophy (Spring 2009): an interdisciplinary graduate seminar and faculty workshop on global climate change (Syllabus)

Philosophy 643, Social and Political Philosophy (Spring 2007): a graduate seminar on global justice. (Syllabus)

Philosophy 447, Contemporary Political Philosophy (Spring 2006): a graduate seminar on economic inequality. (Syllabus)

Philosophy 3460, Modern Political Philosophy (regularly taught): an intermediate level course on theories of justice. (Syllabus)

Philosophy 1940, Global Thinking (Fall 2008): an introductory course on global justice (Syllabus)


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