Sept. 2017 - The Weiss and Richards Labs get together for a wine and design outing

August 2017- Weiss lab retreat at Fillmore Glen State Park

May 2017, Weiss Lab lunch outing

Weiss lab holiday party 2015

2015 congratulatory lab party: Bob was promoted to full professor!

2015 Pei Xin's farewell lunch at Agava

2014 Halloween lab meeting

End of Summer excursion to the Dairy bar, August 2014

Summer picnic at Myers Park in Lansing, June 2014

Farewell FroYo at Smart Yogurt for Jack, June 2013

Farewell Lunch for Gabi and Minxing at The Heights, March 2013

Weiss Lab Retreat, 2013

Weiss Lab, Summer 2012

WeissLab Retreat, 2012

Weiss Lab, January 2012

Weiss Lab, December 2011

Weiss Lab, 2011

Weiss Lab Picnic, 2011

Weiss Lab, Summer 2010

Weiss Lab, Spring 2010

Weiss Lab at the Zeppy Run, 2009

Weiss Lab, 2009

Weiss Lab, 2009

Weiss Lab, Spring 2009

Weiss Lab, 2008

Movie prepared by the lab while Bob attended a Gordon Conference in England in 2008

Weiss Lab, Fall 2008

Weiss Lab Boat Trip, 2007

Weiss Lab, 2007

Weiss Lab, 2005

Weiss Lab, 2004

Weiss Lab, 2003

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