Popular Publications, Reports and Reviews

Popular Publications

Vibrators and Hysteria,” The Conversation (Australia), 19 July 2012.

“Sex and Serendipity,” Lincoln Center Theater Review, November 2009.

“Hysteria and sexuality in the Galenic paradigm,” in Hysteria: past yet present, edited by Anonda Bell, 35-44. Newark NJ: Paul Robeson Galleries of Rutgers University, 2008.

Now Playing: When Your Book Becomes a Film,” OAH Newsletter (Organization of American Historians), November 2007.

“Why Women Become Veterinarians but not Engineers” Chronicle of Higher Education Review, May 28, 2007.
Reprinted in Cornell Perspectives as “Why are women crowding into schools of veterinary medicine but are not lining up to become engineers?” June 12, 2007.
Response to this article in Sommers, Christina Hoff. "Why can't a woman be more like a man?" The American (March/April 2008).

Is the Proposed Asbestos Settlement Fair?History News Network, 13 Feb 2006.

The Clinical Orgasm: A Medical History of the Vibrator,” Cabinet: A Quarterly of Art and Culture, Issue 21: Electricity, Spring 2006, pp.48-53; Magyar translation forthcoming in Árgus, a Hungarian cultural periodical, 2008.

“Two! Four! Six! Eight! Let Alabama Masturbate!,” article on state laws against sexual devices, Everything You Know about Sex is Wrong, Russ Kick, ed. New York: Disinformation Company, October 2005.

Whitman Mission National Historical Site,” Historic Places in the United States, Salem Press, 2000.

A Sew-Sew Sex Life?Times [London] Educational Supplement, August 21, 1998.

"On Avoiding Interesting Times: the Maines and Associates Disaster Preparedness Template," Public History News, 1992.

"The Midway and the Grange," introductory essay and editing of exhibition catalog The County Fair Carnival: Where the Midway Meets the Grange. Elmira NY: Chemung County Historical Society, 1992.

"A Hundred Years of Soda: The Solvay Process Company Archives," Center for the History of Chemistry News, Winter 1988.

"The Cost of Accepting Objects," Regional Council of Historical Agencies Newsletter, December 1986.

"Private and Public Entrepreneurship," "Entrepreneurs as Human Capital," and "Home-Based Entrepreneurship in Historical Perspective," in Adirondack North Country Journal for Entrepreneurs, 1986-1987.

Editorial work (with Linda Macho), and introductions, Favorite Charted Designs of Ann Orr, Dover Publications, 1983 and 1984.

"Needlework Techniques of the Nineteenth Century," FiberArts, October 1981.

"The Doily as Mandala," Fiberarts, May 1983.

"The Quilter's Heritage," series of articles in the trade journal Sew Business, 1981 - 1983.

"The New Needleworker," and "The Needlework Resurgence," two series of articles in Sew Business, 1978 - 1979.

Editor of Domestic American Textiles: A Bibliographic Sourcebook, by Beverly Gordon. Pittsburgh: C.H.A.N., 1978, and the C.H.A.N. Glossary of Needlework and Textile Terms. Pittsburgh: C.H.A.N., 1978.

Editorial work (with Rita Weiss) and introduction to Ann Orr's Charted Designs and Crochet Designs of Anne Orr. New York: Dover Publications, 1978.

Biweekly column on textile history in New York feminist newspaper Majority Report, 1975 - 1976.

Popular historical articles in the following:

Allegheny Feminist Off Our Backs
Quilter's Newsletter Women: A Journal of Liberation
International Old Lacers Bulletin United Sisters
Needlecraft for Today Room of Our Own
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Revolution in Dayparts, series of four research reports on foodservice, February-May 2007, Fairfax VA: MarketResearch.com.

Latin on the Menu, research report, November 2006, Fairfax VA: MarketResearch.com.

Organic on the Menu, research report, 2006. Fairfax VA: MarketResearch.com.

The Blurring of the Channels: Food Service and Retail, Fairfax VA: MarketResearch.com, 2005.

The U.S. Market for Online Dieting, research report. Fairfax VA: MarketResearch.com, 2005.

The U.S. Market for Frozen Seafood, research report. Fairfax VA: MarketResearch.com, 2005.

Historical and Scientific Resources on Crater Lake National Park (with Garrel S. Pottinger). Crater Lake, Oregon: National Park Service, U.S. Department of the Interior, 1998.

Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore: Collection Management Plan. National Park Service, Mid-West Region, U.S. Department of the Interior, 1993.

Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore, Munising, Michigan: Collection Management Plan (with Carol Kohan). National Park Service, Mid-West Region, U.S. Department of the Interior, 1993.

George Rogers Clark National Historical Park, Vincennes, Indiana: Collection Management Plan. National Park Service, Mid-West Region, U.S. Department of the Interior, 1993.

Saint Croix National Scenic Riverway, Wisconsin/Minnesota: Collection Management Plan (with Abby Sue Fisher). National Park Service, Mid-West Region, U.S. Department of the Interior, 1992.

Grant-Kohrs Ranch National Historic Site: Collection Management Plan (with Laura Joss and Lisa Mibach). Denver CO: National Park Service, Rocky Mountain Region, U.S. Department of the Interior, 1991.

Big Hole National Battlefield Collection Management Plan (with Laura Joss and Lisa Mibach). Denver CO: National Park Service, Rocky Mountain Region U.S. Department of the Interior, 1990.


Toys and Tools in Pink: Cultural Narratives of Gender, Science and Technology, by Carol Colatrella (Ohio State University Press, 2011), in Technology & Culture, 2012.

Cold War Kitchen: Americanization, Technology and European Users, edited by Ruth Oldenziel and Karin Zachmann (MIT Press, 2009), Business History, 2010.

Defending the Indefensible: The Global Asbestos Industry and Its Fight for Survival, by Jock McCulloch and Geoffrey Tweedale (Oxford University Press, 2008), Technology & Culture, July 2010.

Ross, Robert, Clothing: A Global History (Polity Press, 2008), Journal of Interdisciplinary History, April 2010.

Turkle, Sherry (ed.), Falling for Science: Objects in Mind (MIT Press, 2008), forthcoming in Technology and Culture, April 2009.

Levy, David, Love and Sex with Robots: The Evolution of Human-Robot Relationships (HarperCollins, 2007), forthcoming in IEEE Technology & Society, 2010.

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De La Peña, Carolyn. The Body Electric: How Strange Machines Built Modern America (New York: New York University Press, 2003), Technology and Culture, 2005.

Laqueur, Thomas. Solitary Sex: a Cultural History of Masturbation.(New York: Zone Books, 2003), forthcoming in American Historical Review, 2004.

Stengers, Jean: Neck, Anne Van. Masturbation, the History of a Great Terror (New York: Palgrave, 2001), Isis, 2003.

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"Rebel with a Cause," review of Gathorne-Hardy’s Alfred Kinsey: Sex the Measure of All Things,” 2000, New York Times Book Review, 23 Apr 2000.

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"The Muses' Stepchildren: Folk Artists and Their Scholars," essay review in Woman's Art Journal, Fall 1981.

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