Photo Archive


This archive includes photos of 20 quipus. For each of these quipus, the Databooks contain details of the current whereabouts of the quipu, cord position, cord colors, knot types and positions, cord length, observations, and other data. For some of them, and for some other quipus, there are close-ups of construction details and photos of associated artifacts.


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  Quipu Location
  AS10,11,12 Hanover, Germany
  AS15,17,18,20,25,26 U of Penn
  AS31,32,33 Harvard PBody
  AS34 Smithsonian
  AS36-37 assoc. bag Quito
  AS38 Lima
  AS48-49 assoc. pottery Amano, Lima
  AS59-67 assoc. bag Cuzco
  AS69,70,71 plus assoc. pends Arica
  AS124,136,140 wood holders Berlin
  AS212 Joslyn Museum
  AS213 L. J. Harris
  AS214,215 Dartmouth