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 VectorWorks 20015: Tutorials for the Theatre

written for the course PMA 3626: CAD Studio for Theatre

by Kent Goetz

page updated 1/14/2015

The tutorials I have written for the course PMA 3626, "CAD Studio for the Theatre" at Cornell University lead the user through a series of design activities in a theatrical context using the CAD application VectorWorks 2015:Spotlight with Renderworks. I have made them available to the general public. However, if you benefit from my efforts and feel compelled to express your gratitude, I would welcome a donation of $10 per tutorial for individuals or $5 per tutorial for studenst in a class.

remit to: Kent Goetz, 22 Brooktree Ln, Ithaca, NY or to my email address using PayPal.

If you decide to download my tutorials, I would appreciate it if you would send me your name, affiliation/profession, city/state, email address, and which tutorials you downloaded, so I can keep you updated on future upgrades. I will email you a confirmation receipt of any payment you send. I would also appreciate hearing your comments on any errors or confusions you discover and on ways to improve upon the tutorials for future users.

Testimonials from users

Front El

3d Rendering

VW2015 Fundamentals required.
Spotlight with RenderWorks required for Introduction to Modeling, Texturing, Lighting and Rendering
VWTutoria Items.vwx
Wallpaper. jpg | Clouds.jpg | Figure1.jpg
Completed tutorial sample in Vectorworks- VW2015TutorialSample.vwx

Drafting the Light Plot(1.8mb/27pages)

Disclamer - I haven't updated this tutorial since version VW 2012. Some menus items and tools have changed location or been added. You may have to engage in some creative adaption to work through the tuturial.

Spotlight required
LtPltTheatre (DXF file) | LtPlt Scenery (DXF file)
Sample project - VWTutrlLightPlot.vwx