Afghanistan: with Rosey Stasek
Kabul, Afghanistan

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About the Tour

Over the past few decades, many women in Afghanistan have lost their homes, their family members, and their ability to support themselves. Without anyone to provide for them, they are forced into begging, or prostitution, which is a crime punishable by prison time or death. Many women are illiterate because the Taliban banned education for girls for many years in Afghanistan. After the fall of the Taliban, some members of the International Community went to Afghanistan to help improve the lives of the people who remained, to help them rebuild their lives. Without education, and a means to earn money, there are few lucritave options available to women. One option that has been established to help women become self sufficient is the Kabus Beauty School. Rosemary Stasek is the logistics manager of the school, and has been instrumental in it's development and success. The women who graduate from the school are able to earn enough money to support 50 family members.

In her capacity as the logistics manager of the Kabul Beauty School, Rosemary is responsible for fundraising, accounting, marketing, shipping coordination and procurement for non-profit women's vocational training program. The program includes a classroom facility and professional salon. She is also designing and building a website for the beauty school, as well as developing and implementing a multi-currency accounting system for the school.

She has traveled to Afghanistan over the past 3 years leading reconstruction projects directly benefiting women there including the women's prison, maternity wards, and vocational classes.
She is an award-winning food preserver and teaches classes on food preservation including making jams, jellies and pickles. In June 2004 she developed and led a class to teach Afghan women to make preserves in an income-generating project.

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