Nicholas Silins: Papers

For the best place to download my papers, please go here

For an overview of my research I wrote for my tenure file, see this

Some published papers:

"Seeing Through the 'Veil of Perception'"

"The Significance of High-Level Content"
Forthcoming in special volume of Philosophical Studies

"Judgment as a Guide to Belief"
Consciousness and Introspection (OUP), edited by D. Stoljar and D. Smithies

"The Agony of Defeat?"
Philosophy and Phenomenological Research

"Explaining Perceptual Entitlement"
Forthcoming in Erkenntnis

"The Epistemology of Perception", with Susanna Siegel
Forthcoming in Handbook to the Philosophy of Perception (OUP), edited by M. Matthen

"Basic Justification and the Moorean Response to the Skeptic"
Final version in Oxford Studies in Epistemology 2 (2008) 

"Transmission Failure Failure"
Final version in Philosophical Studies (2005), 126: 71-102

"Deception and Evidence"
Final version in Philosophical Perspectives (2005), 19: 375-404

Some papers in progress (available on request):

“Consciousness, Attention, and Justification”, with Susanna Siegel
for D. Dodd and E. Zardini (eds.) Scepticism and Perceptual Justification (OUP)

“TMI: The Epistemology of Phenomenal Overflow”, with Susanna Siegel
for A. Pautz and D. Stoljar (eds.) Themes From Ned Block (MIT)

“Perceptual Experience and Perceptual Justification”
for the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

“How Does Perception Justify Belief?”
for R. Neta (ed.) Current Controversies in Epistemology (Routledge)

“Consciousness and Distraction”

“What is the Scope of Aesthetic Experience?”