Cecilia Copperman
Undergraduate student
Iván Durán
Postdoctoral Fellow
Kristin Blauvelt
Graduate student
Kate Alexander
Graduate student
Christina Cota
Graduate student, currently a postdoc
in Dr. Brad Davidson lab
Maho Shibata
Graduate student, currently
a postdoc in Dr. Michael Shen lab
María J. García
Assistant Professor
Zhihong Lin
Research Technician, currently
a technician in Dr. Magnuson lab
Angela Pring-Mill
Undergraduate student, currently a grad student at Columbia University
Natalia Shilo
Undergraduate student, currently a grad student at Yale University
Victoria Wells
Undergraduate student, currently
a technician in Dr. Riccardo Dalla-Favera lab
Andrew Recknagel
Research Technician, currently
a grad student at SUNY Albany
Mu He
Undergraduate student, currently
a grad student in Dr. Kathryn Anderson lab
Chung-Sian (John) Seow
Undergraduate student, currently
a master student at University of Adelaide (Australia)
Maegan Harden
Postdoctoral Fellow, currently
GAP project manager at the Broad Institute
Dhara Shah
Undergraduate student, currently
applying to medical schools
I have been an Assistant Professor in the Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics at Cornell University since 2006. During the last few years, research in my lab has been focused on the analysis of embryonic morphogenesis in mouse embryos, but my interest in developmental biology dates way back in time …
I attended college at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid in Spain, the country where I was born and raised. After I graduated in Biology, I decided to pursue a PhD degree, which I obtained from my work on the patterning of the sensory system of the fruitfly, Drosophila melanogaster, under the direction of Dr. Juan Modolell. I then packed my stuff to move to the US and joined Dr. Kathryn Anderson's lab at the Sloan-Kettering Institute (New York). As a postdoc in her laboratory, I worked on the identification and characterization of mouse ENU mutants affecting early embryogenesis, a work that I have continued in my own lab.

In addition to research, I teach undergraduate and graduate level courses at Cornell. For more information about BioMG1350, the introductory biology course on cell and developmental biology that I teach, you can visit the course website here.