Earthquake Mechanics

and Nondestructive Testing

Equity, Bias, and Harassment

In the McLaskey research group we strive for a diverse and equitable working/learning environment that is free from harassment.

If you ever experience or witness harassment or bias, whether it is gender-based harassment, sexual harassment, or other harassment based on race, religion, etc. PLEASE REPORT IT. If you feel comfortable, you can report it to your supervisor, professor, or...

You can fill out an online report here.

More information on reporting options is availible online here.

Mental Health Resources

There are many resources for health and support offered at Cornell through various student organizations, campus centers, and through Cornell Health.

Please see this online resource guide:

Resources for Surviving and Thriving in Academia

Below, I will compile tips, resources, and anecdotes that may be helpful for navigating the research process, getting published, writing funded proposals, and other topics.

This is a work in progress, so check back periodically for more posts. Or you can follow me on twitter @GregMclaskey

. . . Proposals

Getting Rejected: Post 9/23/2022