Earthquake Mechanics

and Nondestructive Testing

P.I.: Gregory C. McLaskey - Assoc. Prof.

369 Hollister Hall, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY 14853

office phone: 607-254-5441

Ph.D. University of California, Berkeley 2011

M.S. University of California, Berkeley 2006

B.S. Cornell University 2005

Curriculum Vitae: pdf

I am interested in friction, earthquakes, fracture, and other processes that generate sounds and vibrations in solids. I also specialize in piezoelectric sensors which are used to detect very high frequency but small amplitude vibrations in solid materials such as rock, metals, concrete, and plastic. These vibrations can be used for structural health monitoring or for detecting damage in buildings, bridges, and other civil infrastructure. I also spent three years working at the USGS Earthquake Science Center in Menlo Park, California where I used these types of measurements to better understand the physics and mechanics of earthquake initiation and dynamic rupture.

Graduate Students

Sara Beth Leach Cebry

Research topic: Fluids on faults in laboratory experiments

M.Eng. Structural Engineering, Cornell University, 2018

B.S. Civil Engineering, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, 2015

Jun Young Song

Research topic: Quantitative acoustic measurements

M.S. Geotechnical Engineering, Yonsei University, 2019

B.S. Civil and Environmental Engineering, Yonsei University, 2017

Undergraduate Students

Kian Sorhaindo

Class of 2023


Lab Alumni


Bill S. Wu

PhD Cornell 2021 - Dissertation title: A Study of Earthquake Source and Nucleation via Laboratory and Field Observations

Went on to work at Gelber Group, Chicago

Chun-Yu (Huey) Ke

PhD Cornell 2021 - Dissertation title: Mechanics of Spontaneously Arrested Laboratory Earthquakes

(coadvised with David Kammer ETH, Zurich)

Went on to a Postdoc at Penn State


Former Advisees (Undergrad and MEng)

Dominique Martinez

Anita Zhang - BS 2020 Cornell (went on to graduate school at Princeton)

Andres Zavrosa - BS 2021 Cornell

Shelton Carr - BS 2021 Cornell

Johnathan Jimenez Ramirez - BS 2021 Cornell (went on to MEng program at Cornell)

Alexandra Steelman - BS 2021 Cornell

Maile McCann - BS 2019 Cornell (went on to graduate school at USC)

Nyan Lin Htet - BS 2019 Cornell (went on to work at CHI Consulting Engineeings)

Dawson Liandioro - BS 2020 Cornell

Koppi Kolyvek - BS 2019 Cornell (went on to work at PCS Structural Solutions)

Sofia Vilecreses - BS 2019 Cornell (went on to work at McLaren, NYC)

Katherine White - BS 2019 Cornell (went on to work at Deloitte, Pittsburgh)

Juan Meriles - BS 2018 Cornell (went on to graduate school at UC Berkeley)

Karim Abdelrazek - BS 2018 Cornell

Shannon Spiers - BS 2017 Cornell (went on to graduate school at Stanford)

John Gunn - MEng 2016 Cornell (went on to work at KPFF Seattle)

Anthony Reid - undergraduate at Syracuse University (went on to Graduate School at CMU)

Haibin Wu - went on to complete a PhD in MAE at Cornell.