Ordering parts for MAE 2250

Ordering materials and components:

  1. Standard Emerson stock components and prices are available. Order these parts using the TA order sheet (email it to your TA)

  2. Any other standard component is available from Mcmaster.com using TA order sheet (bolts, lights, USB flash drives, ball bearings, anything).

  3. Nonstandard parts can be made by machining, 3D printing, or laser cutting.

  4. Check order status (updated every 5 min)

Common mistakes with McMaster/Emerson Order Forms:

  1. Wrong file names. Read the top of the order form for an example!
  2. Confusing or wrong combinations of quantity/units. Big rule of thumb for this: you are buying [quantity] amount of [units].
    1. Example: If you want 12" of aluminum sold by the inch, don't order "1" of units "12in" - it's sold by the inch, so you want "12" of unit "in". 
    2. Example: If McMaster sells threaded rods in lengths of 1ft, and you want 3 separate feet, "1 ft" goes in description, "3" is quantity, "ea" is units.
  3. Don't skip lines within each section. Begin each list below the cell containing "Description". We use a program to scan your orders, and the scan assumes the order is empty if there is nothing below "Description" for that particular section.
  4. From Emerson: Don't order multiple small lengths of the same thing. If you need 4 small 2" pieces cut from 1/4" by 1" aluminum, don't order 4 different 2" pieces; order 9 or 10 inches and cut the pieces out yourself. Joe is a busy guy and can't do all your machining for you; moreover, the stock is cut rough, so you can only guarantee a good cut if you do it yourself.
  5. If you want to make sure your McMaster order is completely seamless, copy your part # and QTY column into McMaster's Order Builder and see if it works out.
  6. If you order a part which is more expensive than you said it was, we'll see it, and we'll (1) adjust quantity until price matches if possible, and if not (2) bill your team the price we see. Overall, people have been good about calculating correct prices - please continue that trend.


Revised: Feb 07, 2015 .