Here are some papers at various stages of completion and availability, as well as some book reviews. Comments always welcome.

Work in progress or forthcoming:

Published Papers:
Book Reviews: Older stuff, "in progress" in the sense that I might return to them someday:
  • "Maybe Sometime" -- um, maybe sometime a draft will be posted.
  • "Why I am Not a Dualist" -- old draft of August 2006, to be fixed up someday when time permitsAbstract: Why am I not a dualist? One way to answer that question is to explain, in detail, where I think the arguments for dualism go wrong. But another way to answer the question is to explain why I am committed to finding fault with them in the first place. What is wrong with the view itself? After briefly arguing that the extant arguments against dualism are not really all that compelling, I propose a new one. The basic idea is that dualism simply does not help. The dualist is in just as bad a position vis à vis the mysteries of consciousness as the physicalist. Consequently, no appeal to those mysteries can support dualism.
  • "Zombies Everywhere!"
    A very short note drawing analogies between 3 hitherto unconnected views. It's an Analysis reject, and hence will probably never see the light of day, but I think it's kind of fun.