John Hale

Visiting Associate Professor
Department of Linguistics
Cornell University

As of Fall 2018, I am at the University of Georgia


Research Interests

My research is in the area of computational linguistics which is part of the larger interdisciplinary enterprise of cognitive science. The goal of cognitive science is to understand the mind as a kind of computing machine. Accordingly, the goals of my research program in computational linguistics are explanations of the mind's unique language-using abilities in terms of particular algorithms, data structures and computer architectures. To arrive at these explanations, I combine formal methods from logic and probability with empirical findings from linguistics, psycholinguistics and brain imaging.



Major funded projects



Recent manuscripts

Recent Teaching

Spring 2017 Computational Linguistics ling4424/cogst4240/cs4744 (entrance questionnaire)
  Neurolinguistics seminar ling7710 (pre-syllabus, wiki)
Fall 2016 Language, Mind and Brain ling/cogst2264 (syllabus, wiki, entrance questionnaire)
  First-Year Writing Seminar: biological foundations of language ling1100-101 blackboard course ID 17953_2016FA
Spring 2016 Language, Mind and Brain ling/cogst2264
  Grammar Formalisms ling4429/6429
Fall 2015 Computational Linguistics
  Structure and Comprehension of Relative Clauses LING7712 (with John Whitman)
Spring 2014 Grammar Formalisms ling4429 now meets in Comp Ling Lab, Morrill B07
  Brain and Language seminar ling7710

John Hale