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Regulatory control
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Other regulatory approaches to pest control

  1. Enforced crop-free periods. Crop-free periods, enforced either by grower associations or by governmental agencies, are particularly useful in sub-tropical or tropical climates that do not have a winter period to break the life cycles of pests.
  2. Enforced restrictions on planting time.
  3. Enforced growing of particular cultivars.
  4. Compulsory sanitation measures.
  5. Certification of seed and other planting stock.
  6. Control districts. The presence of certain plant species is prohibited in control districts, and the landowner is legally responsible for removing any prohibited plant species. Control districts have been used for control of alternate hosts of some pathogens (e.g., eradication of black currant for white pine blister rust control). Control districts are also used for the control of some weed specie




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