High School Dating
(Bearman, Moody, and Stovel, 2004)
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Corporate E-Mail Communication
(Adamic and Adar, 2005)

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Economics 2040 / Sociology 2090 / Computer Science 2850 / Information Science 2040
Cornell University, Fall 2018
Mon-Wed-Fri 11:15-12:05
Statler Auditorium

David Easley (Economics) and Austin Benson (Computer Science)

A course on how the social, technological, and natural worlds are connected, and how the study of networks sheds light on these connections. Topics include: how opinions, fads, and political movements spread through society; the robustness and fragility of food webs and financial markets; and the technology, economics, and politics of Web information and on-line communities.

The course is designed at the introductory undergraduate level with no formal prerequisites; it satisfies the Arts & Sciences Social and Behavioral Analysis (SBA) distribution and the Engineering Liberal Studies (SBA group) distribution.

**Room change on November 2** The November 2 lecture will be held in Call Auditorium.

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