High School Dating
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Corporate E-Mail Communication
(Adamic and Adar, 2005)

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Economics 2040 / Sociology 2090 / Computer Science 2850 / Information Science 2040
Cornell University, Fall 2010
Mon-Wed-Fri 11:15-12:05

David Easley (Economics) and Jon Kleinberg (Computer Science)

The class meets in Statler Auditorium (Mon/Wed) and Ives 305 (Fri)

A course on how the social, technological, and natural worlds are connected, and how the study of networks sheds light on these connections. Topics include: how opinions, fads, and political movements spread through society; the robustness and fragility of food webs and financial markets; and the technology, economics, and politics of Web information and on-line communities.

The course is designed at the introductory undergraduate level with no formal prerequisites; it satisfies the Arts & Sciences Social and Behavioral Analysis (SBA) distribution and the Engineering Liberal Studies (SBA group) distribution. (See also the poster announcing the course.)

See below for more information, including the class blog, the outline of topics, and the CMS site (which you can log into using this CMS link).

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