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Presentation / Report (25%)

Each student will present a 15-20 minute report on a rare/endangered insect, turn in a written report, and distribute a 1-page (see guidelines) summary to the class. I will provide a list of potential organisms. Students can choose an organism from the list (first come-first served) or propose one their own. All report organisms must be approved by me prior to presentations. I expect most presentation/reports will cover single species but I will consider larger taxonomic groups if there are compelling reasons to consider the larger group as a whole.

Candidate list

Discussion (20%)

Between 1 and 3 students (depending on class size) will lead each discussion. I will provide topics and suggest readings for each discussion. Discussion leaders will find at least one paper to supplement my suggested readings and will meet with me prior to assigning readings to discuss their choices and their strategy for leading the discussion.

MidTerm (20%)

Take-home examination comprised primarily of essay and short answer questions.

Final (25%)

Similar to the midterm but will include material covered after spring break. I am planning this to be due on the scheduled final period.

Participation (10%)

Includes quantity and quality of participation in both lectures and discussion.



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