Lab II. T-budding

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Print out T-Budding Flash Card for concise summary of this method.

A. Background

For information about the use and commercial applications of T-budding, including links to several Web sites which describe it in detail, go to T-budding  in the List of Grafting and Budding Methods.

B. T-budding Exercise Check List

C. Procedure

1. Rootstock preparation.

2. Cutting the stock plant

Note: The upright T-bud is the most common approach, especially in the temperate zone. In regions of high rainfall, an inverted T-bud is often used, so that rain water can drain from the bud pocket.




3. Preparing the Scion bud

4. Inserting the scion bud into the stock

5. Tying the bud

6. Post budding management of the T-budded plant

Question: Why is non-abscission an indicator of failure to form a graft union?