Lab I. Top Wedge Grafting

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Print out Top Wedge Grafting Flash Card for concise summary of this method.

A. Background

For information about the use and commercial applications of Top Wedge Grafting, including links to several Web sites that describe it in detail, go to Top Wedge Grafting  under the List of Grafting and Budding Methods.

B. Top Wedge Grafting Exercise Check List

C. Procedure

1. Rootstock preparation.

2. Cutting the stock plant

Passion fruit

3. Cutting the scion

Note: If you are not using the top portion of the stock plant which you just removed as the scion for a different stock plant, it is good to use it to practice making the "V" cut, before proceeding to the real thing.

4. Tying and covering the graft

The scion and understock are first tied firmly in place with a budding rubber to create pressure between the cut surfaces. This is followed by wrapping the union with Parafilm to further prevent desiccation, and finally the entire scion and upper portion of the stock junction is covered with a plastic bag "tent" to create a humid environment as a third barrier to water loss from the scion.



5. Post budding management of the Top Wedge grafted plant