Sharrock's Illustration

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"Sharrock's illustration of grafting, 1672", from L.H. Bailey's Cyclopedia of Horticulture, Macmillin & Sons, 1928. The original woodcut of this figure was published in Robert Sharrock's History of the Propagation and Improvement of Vegetables.  The figure illustrates at least 4 different types of grafting including T-budding (a, b, c, ln), patch budding (d - uppermost square cut in stock tree bark, g - square bud scion to the right of d, m), variation on patch bud (f-just below d, o-lower right, next to large branch), "cross cut" budding (h, i, k, p-bottom, main trunk), cleft grafting (s), approach grafting (u, x) which Sharrock called  "ablactation". The drawing also show what is apparently layering of carnation (4, 5, 6). A manipulation which this author cannot identify or interpret is shown in 1, 2 (labeled "the branch that is to be taken off by circumposition") and 3 ("the branch that bears up the mould to the disbarked place").  Suggestions are welcome.