Peat Categories (4):
Peat's Categories
Plant Material Origin
Peat moss decomposed remains of of sphagnum (such as S. papillosum, S. capillaceum, and S. palustre), hypnum, and other mosses yellowish to dark-brown.
  • light in weight
  • good porosity and water holding
  • Sphagnum moss contain fungistatic substances that account for its ability to inhibit damping-off of seedlings
  • Sphagnum moss are porduced in Germany, Canada, and Ireland
  • Hypnaceous moss are mostly produced in the US
Humus Decomposed debris of finely divided plant materials of unknown origin dark brown to black
  • Contain large quantity of silt and clay particles
  • Does not improve drainage when mixed with soil
  • Because of its rapid decomposition rate and particle size, humus is not a desitable growing media