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Kenneth W. Mudge, Associate Professor of Horticulture

"The ways or fashions of grafting are legion. There are as many ways as there are ways of whittling. The operator may fashion the union of the stock and the cion to suit himself, if only he appply cambium to cambium, make a close joint, and properly protect the work."

-- Liberty Hyde Bailey, Standard Cyclopedia of Horticuture,

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Learning Objectives
Concepts and Definitions
Natural and Human History of Grafting and Budding
Reasons for Grafting and Budding
Requirements for Successful Grafting and Budding
Anatomy and Physiology of Grafting Union Formation
Laboratory Exercise: Chip Budding of Hibiscus (Internet)
Laboratory Exercise: T-Budding of Hibiscus
Laboratory Exercise: Top Wedge Grafting of Hibiscus
Alphabetical listing of Grafting & Budding Techniques

Specific crops propogation systems involving grafting or budding

Literature Cited (Bibliography)

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