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Land Claims Case: maps

Clicking on the maps on this page will open them in a new map viewer window. Suggestion: close the new window after viewing the larger image, or move the new window to where you have access to both the new window and this one; this will help avoid the problem of newly selected images loading into the new window, which might be hidden from your view by this page.

Some of the maps allow zooming and panning, and will require the Flash player plug-in. If you cannot use Flash, there is a link at the bottom of the new window that will allow you to view the image without interactivity.

Map of the Territorial Divisions of the Aborigines of New York About AD 1600

A Mappe of Colonel Romers Voyage to the Five Nations (1700)

A map of the Seneca villages and the Jesuit and French contacts 1615-1708

Map of Ho-de-no-sau-nee-ga (1720)

1763 Proclamation Line

Map of the Country of the Six Nations (1771)

1776 Province of New York

1797 Treaty of Paris divisions of North American land

Six Nations outline Map of New York (1890)

Reservation of the St. Regis Indians (1890)

A Map of the Country of the Five Nations (1894)

Allotments and Purchases in Madison County (1895)

Indian Land Cessions in the United States (1899)

Indian episodes of New York State (1935)

Indian Land Cessions, 1784-1972
[link to journal article]

Federal and Indian Lands, 50 states (1998)

Federal and Indian Lands, New York State (2003)

BIA Oneida Lands map (2006) [pdf]
Sherrill, New York [link]
Turning Stone Casino [link]

additional recommended maps in books at the Cornell Library:

suggested maps
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Atlas of American Indian affairs
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Indian population changes over time
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Atlas of the North American Indian
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Tribes, forts, and settlements involved in the battles of the American revolution
Iroquois expansion campaigns in the 17th century
Campaigns agains Indians in NY state during the American Revolution