English 2080 owes much to Walter Cohen of Comparative Literature and Barbara Correll of English, who taught it first, and to members of the English Curriculum Committee cabal (Laura Brown, Stephanie Vaughn, et al.) who conspired to get it approved in the first place. The course has gained much from its graduate student instructors: Nick Davis, Joe Campana, Will Smith, Dawn Lonsinger, Douglas McQueen-Thompson, Angela Naimou, Danielle Haque, Jess Kaiser, Brad Depew, Daniel Radus, John Robbins, Matthew Bucemi, Aaron Rosenberg, Sara Schlemm, Stephen Thompson, Samson Jardine, Noah Lloyd, Olivia Milroy Evans, and Mint Damrongpiwat.

It would not long endure without the administrative support of Karen Kudej and Corrine Bruno.

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