Economics 620 Project Information
Spring 2008

LAST UPDATE : 2/22/08 
Presentation Schedule

See below  for some suggestions for the presentation.
Presentations will take place during lectures starting on 04/08/2008. Four students will be presenting every time. The rule is, that the next 4 students on the list must be prepared to present every meeting.

4/8 Labor and Wage
Kiel Albrecht -  Impact of State Income Taxes on Labor Supply
Joo Yeon Sun - The Union Membership Wage in Korea (1998-2003)
Nolan Kopkin - Quarterback Salaries in Today's NFL
Freeha Fatima - Income Polarization in Pakistan

4/10 Network

Jihoon Cho - Modeling the Effect of Keyword Searches on Sales
Christopher Handy - Mobile Phones and Growth
Ahmed Jaber - Towards a Better Understanding of the Importance of Social Networking among Professional Economists
Doug Webber - Ranking the Rankings: A Study of the Computer Rankings in College Football

4/17 Entertainment
Stephen DeGrow - Attendance Variation in the American League Central
Kevin Roth - Determinants of the Demand for Television
Hwang Kim  - Interaction Effect of TV Commercial and Brand Loyalty
Mahmut Kemal Ozbek - Determinants of Box Office Gross Performance

4/18 Crime
Ben Wallenberg - Homicide and its Punishment in Chicago: 1870-1930
Emre Ekinci - Decision Making by Crime Victims: Reasons for not Reporting to the Police
Mike Strain - Another Form of Irrational Exuberance: Does the Green Bay Packer's Performance Affect Violent Crime in Wisconsin?
Johanna Catherine Maclean - Alcohol Misuse and Preventive Health Care Use Among Women

4/22 Finance
Alyssa Anderson - Herding Behavior, Volatility and Stock Price Distributions
Jingxian Zheng - Is Forward Exchange Rate a Good Predictor of Future Spot Exchange Rate?
Tae-Hoon Lim – The Effect of Child Care Cost on Mother’s Labor Participation Decision
Ying Wu - The Impact of Exchange Rate on Chinese Exports: A Stress-Test Analysis

4/24 Miscellaneous I

     Eamon Molloy - State Alcohol Retail Laws and Youth Consumption
     Shuang Zhang - Negative Experiences with Better Economic Performance?

Qing (Robin) Zhao - The Key Predictors of U.S. Travel
James Cowan - Determinants of New York Public School District Revenues

4/29 Miscellaneous II

Mirinda Martin - Faculty Feminization in Higher Education




Suggestions for the presentation:

  • Presentations will be 15 to 18 minutes long. This is a restriction. You will not be allowed to use more time than this.
  • Begin with a title transparency.
  • The transparencies you will show during the presentation must be done in "big enough"  font. The audience should see them, even if somebody is sitting in the back.
  • Restrict transparencies to less than 8 to 10 lines.
  • Allow 2 minutes for each transparency.
  • Move material to upper half when discussed.
  • Do not remove transparency too quickly.
  • Prepare more transparencies, apart from the ones you will present,  if you think that some question may arise during the presentation and requires a transparency to be answered.