Font Fix:

Follow these instructions for getting the needed WordPerfect Fonts so that the posted PDF files work correctly.

If you do not have WordPerfect fonts on your machine (or in the lab machine being used) do the following:

Step 1:  USE WINDOWS EXPLORER and not Netscape.

Step 2.:  RIGHT CLICK on each of the following font files and save/download them to the c:\Windows\Fonts folder on your machine.

Step 3.  Reboot the machine and check that these fonts are in the Windows Fonts folder.  They should have the following names:  WP Box Drawing, WPGreek Courier, WP Math A, WP Math Extended A

Step 4.  Reload the PDF file and it should now work.

I hope this solves the problem.  I do not know how it will work on Macs, but I have tried it on IBM type machines in our econ grad lounge and had success.