ECE 5310 Quantum Optics




Course Description

This is a graduate level course on quantum optics. Topics covered include density matrices, semi-classical light matter interactions, Rabi oscillations, electromagnetically induced transparency and interference effects, quantization of fields in cavity and free space, properties of photons, field commutation relations, number states, coherent states, quadrature and amplitude-phase squeezed states, vacuum fluctuations, matter-photon interactions, stimulated and spontaneous emission processes, classical/quantum descriptions of photon detection, coherent homodyne and heterodyne detection, coherence functions, cavity quantum optics and microcavity effects in spontaneous emission, cavity quantum optics in strong coupling and weak coupling limits, generation of quantum states of light, phase sensitive and phase insensitive optical amplifiers, parametric amplifiers, fundamental performance limits of optical amplifiers, photon statistics and characteristic functions, laser oscillators, number and phase characteristics of laser light, parametric oscillators and squeezing, quantum opto-mechanics, opto-mechanical cooling and squeezing, noise penalty in simultaneous detection of two non-commuting field quadratures, bit error rates in optical communication systems, classical and quantum information and information carrying capacity of quantum states of light.


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Octave Spanning, 5 Femtosecond Ti:sapphire Laser.