Objective: "Leadership is action, not position." (Donald H. McGannon)

The purpose of this project is to initiate the (Cornell) community-driven team-based projects with clear statements of purpose, method, and consequence.
Description: Each group must prepare three storyboards about your project. These boards will be composed on the three Homosote boards as provided. The content of these boards should describe three aspects of your initiative:

1) the problem statement, including the project's central idea (LEED section) and scope. Identify the kinds of generative and evaluative information required for each eligible credit. In addition, describe specific intrinsic programmatic goals for the interventions, as well as their specific extrinsic contextual goals.

2) investigation processes, including a description of research approaches (heuristic, descriptive, theoretical, action), research techniques (ie. case study, survey or experiment), and a determination of whether a natural or contrived setting is appropriate for each of the chosen techniques.

3) anticipated project results, including a "critical path", a budget, and description of final deliverables.

A spokesperson from each group will give a five-minute presentation, using media based on the story boards. Each presentation will be followed by fifteen minutes of discussion.
Material: eco-friendly media on 24" x 24" Homosote boards.

Deadline: beginning of class, April 2, 2002.

Grading: Research: 4/10 Form: 3/10 Content: 3/10