Visual Literacy and Design

Project 1. Muses and Marks: the role of the concept in visual representation, expression, and design.
Project 2. Marks, Masks, and Logic: the creation of pattern through application of logical operators.
Project 3. Con-figure/ground: understanding composition through the application of visual syntactic rules.
Project 4. Anatomy of Form: analyzing the composition of visual elements used in a depictive painting.
Project 5. Anatomy of Content: analyzing ways of meaning used in the previous depictive painting.
Project 6. Extents and Degrees: composition based on color analysis of previous depictive painting.
Project 7. Covering Style: expressions of style through letterform and image in the creation of a book cover.
Project 8. Tessellas: tesselating patterns and extrusions are investigated as generators of modular form.
Project 9. A/propos: studies into simple and complex proportioning systems in patterns and geometric form.
Project 10. Tectonics: tectonic role of compressive and tensile members in a spanning structure.
Project 11. Hallowing Light: analysis of form, daylight and meaning.
Project 12. Special Space/Place: personal enclosure design elements and program.
Project 13. Traces: reconsideration of course's visualization materials as mnemonic devices and design tools.
Note: This course may be subject to changes in content, scheduling, or other aspects of the teaching/learning experience without notice.