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Thank you for agreeing to review this pilot lesson of The Cutting Edge Apparel Business Guide. I have identified some specific things for you to look for below and welcome any other suggestions that you may have.

The Sourcing Materials Lesson is one of seven lessons in this on-line web site and an introduction about the objectives of the course, what it is and isn’t, and some basic principles of entrepreneurship. The seven lessons are:

  1. product development,
  2. branding, licensing, and product life cycle
  3. materials sourcing
  4. production and production sourcing
  5. intellectual property (copyright, trademarks, and patents)
  6. distribution and positioning
  7. technology (CAD, production, information technology, the internet)

Evaluation of the pilot on-line lesson

Your name:

Your email:


1. What do you like about the design of the entry page and the sourcing materials lesson pages?

2. What don’t you like about the design?

3. What suggestions do you have to improve the overall design of the pages?

4. Do you think there are about the right number of photographs and graphic images? Are they helpful in illustrating the content?

5. Are the audio clips integrated into the lesson appropriately? Do you like the design of the cards introducing the entrepreneurs?


1. Based on the lesson titles, do you think that the content is comprehensive for a person interested in starting an apparel business? Based on the titles, what content do you think might be missing?

2. Is the content for the Sourcing Materials lesson organized logically or would you approach the material differently? Were the course objectives met?

3. What content would you delete or move to another lesson? What content is missing or not emphasized enough?

4. What additional graphic images or photographs would present the material more clearly or be more engaging?

5. Do the moving slide shows (series of still images) present a message that emphasizes the desired content? Do the entrepreneur profiles add important information or should they be shortened or deleted?

6. Do you like the approach and content of the interactive exercise at the end? Do you have any suggestions for content or design?


1. Is the lesson easy to navigate? Did you find multiple ways to navigate helpful?

2. Did you get lost at any point during the lesson? Where?

3. Are the links to websites easy to use AND to return to the lesson?

4. Did you find it helpful for the left-hand navigation toolbar to locate the section in the text? Could you always find your way back to home?


1. Were you able to download the necessary FLASH software easily? Or, do you think a business person would be able to download it easily?

2. Was the playing of the audio clips easy, loud enough, and the right length?

3. Are there any other strategies to help on-line users pace themselves or add some facilitation?

4. How long did you spend on the module? Was this too long, too short, right length?

5. Each module will be available individually (with introduction) or by as a course. The proposed cost will be $25-35 per module or $210 per course. Do you think this is an appropriate cost, too much, too little?

Other suggestions:


Thank you for helping me with this evaluation.

I may call on you again to review the next chapters.

And I will be sure to let you know when the Cutting Edge Apparel Business Guide is available for purchase.

Suzanne Loker




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