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Wholesale Markets


Hundreds of fabric vendors participate in textile trade shows

Regional wholesale markets or trade shows are held throughout the year and this is where many different wholesale vendors sell their products. These shows are usually organized by product type - textiles, apparel, home furnishings, boutique, electronics, outdoor sport, etc.

Materials, trims, thread, and other findings are available at these markets along with artwork, knit designs, and trims that can be bought or licensed for use as prints, fabric weaves or knits, and other garment details. Some shows include materials as well as finished goods. provides a list of dates and locations of trade shows related to apparel and textiles.

In NYC many wholesalers have permanent showrooms in the Garment District while some wholesalers in other US cities also have permanent showrooms in a market building, such as the Dallas Market Center, California Market Center, and Americasmart in Atlanta for apparel and textiles, and the Merchandise Mart in Washington, D.C., for home furnishing products, including textiles.




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