CS 418 Final Project : The HEAD

The Story

Our Blobby, the Head, falls off a wall; rotates on the floor; ejects by a spiral spring; travels through a tunnel; expriences many adventures he can never think of :)

Modeling Techniques

a) Texture Mapping
Wall and floor are created using volume texture mapping and bump mapping techniques. A volume texture map produces a surface color on an object which is a function of the 3D coordinates of the surface. While bump-mapping give a surface more interesting texture by varying the normals to the surface. The procedure causes the lighting model to assign different colors to patches of a surface, making it appear rougher.

b) Polyhedra and Quadric Surface
Scene decorations are modeled using different combinations of polyhedra and quadric surfaces.

c) Implicit Surfaces
The subject of this animation, the Head, is an implicit surface based on the sum of spherical fields using blobby functions. The spherical fields can have positive and negative field strengths. The head has recognizable eyes, nose, ears, dimples and eye brows.

d) Physical Movement

The Head is translated along a projectile, calculated as:

X = Xo + Vx * t;
Y = Yo + Vy * t - 0.5 * g * t^2;

following the simple harmonic motion of the spring.

e) Procedural Textures
A 3D Cellular Automaton array is used to map the surface color of the final 3 spiral springs.