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Summary Reports

The students created presentations of their findings that were presented to the New York Upstate Chapter of the American Planning Association. PDFs of their presentations are below under "Presentations".

Circulation and Parking Housing Social Infrastructure Trash and Maintenance

Section Reports

Another product of our workshop was a series of reports based on observations of the neighborhood. The 28 students in the course each recorded information about a block segment; click on each section to see their reports in Adobe Acrobat format. They also made observations about motor, bike, and foot traffic at the 14 lettered intersections, but they did not write reports on these observations..

Collegetown Study Area Area 2 Area 1 Area 20 Area 4 Area 24 Area 7 Area 8 Area 6 Area 8 Area 9 Area 11 Area 17 Area 18 Area 19 Area 12 Area 23 Area 13 Area 26 Area 24 Area 27