BioNB 4910

Principles of Neurophysiology

Labs/Lecture Notes and Slides - Spring 2016
Instructor: Dr. Bruce Johnson

Date Title Slides
Jan 27 Introduction Class Intro
Feb 1

Introduction to Electrophysiological Instrumentation, Recording
and Data Analysis

Model Neurons Extracellular Recording
Feb 3 Extracellular Recording Sim 1
Feb 8

Organization of a Small Motor System

Extracellular Recording Sim 2
Feb 10  
Feb 15-17
Winter Break
Guest Lecture: Dr. Christine Bellezza, Office of Research Integrity
Feb 22 Response Properties of Sensory Neurons
Feb 24 MRO Analysis
Feb 29 Ionic Basis of the Resting Potential

Resting Potential
Mar 2 Noise Syn Trans
Mar 7

Synaptic Transmission I. Matching Pre and Postsynaptic Events

Synaptic Trans 2APsynPot Match
Mar 9 Synaptic Trans Refresher
Mar 14

Synaptic Transmission II. Intrinsic Synaptic Plasticity


Mar 16  
Mar 21 Plant Action Potentials
Guest Lectures: Dr. Randy Wayne, Plant Biology, Cornell University
Dr. Becky Weldon, Human Development, Cornell University
Mar 23 Neural Mechanisms Risky Decision Making
Mar 28-30

Spring Break

Apr 4

Input/Ouput Properties of Neurons

Central Pattern Generator/snails

Apr 6 PTP Synaptic Depression
Apr 11 Ionic Basis of Neuronal Excitability
Guest Lecture: Dr. Doug Weldon, Psychology, Hamilton College

Weldon Lecture
Apr 13 V Clamp H&H
Apr 18 Optogenetic Activation of Physiology and Behavior
Guest Lectures: Dr. David Deitcher, Neurobiology & Behavior, Cornell University
Dr. Jeff Scott, Entomology, Cornell University
H&H 2, Snail Pharm
Apr 20

Insectide Neurotoxicology

Apr 25 A Nonvisual Photoreceptor in Crayfish
Fly Optogenetics
Apr 27 Patch Clamp
May 2 Special Projects

Channel Ecology

May 4 Poison
May 9 Special Projects
Guest Lecture: Dr. Rob Olberg, Biology, Union College (no guest)
Neural Evolution
May 11