Principles of Neurophysiology

BioNB/BME/ECE 4910

Instructors: Dr. Bruce Johnson and Yi-Yun Ho

Teaching Assistants:

Joannalyn Delacruz and Irwin Tendler


Lectures will be held in B106 Comstock Hall; Lab will be in B150 Comstock Hall. Office Hours will be held by appointment only. To send an email to Dr. Johnson, Yi-Yun, Joannalyn or Irwin click on their names above.

General Objectives and Description: BioNB/BME/ECE 4910 is a course in experimental techniques of cellular electrophysiology. It's main objective is to give you direct insight into neuronal excitability and communication through hands-on examination of signal transmission in nervous systems. In addition, we'll practice other important aspects of experimental science including critical thinking, data analysis and presentation, reading and writing scientific papers. We'll use the lecture periods to present background material for the labs, to discuss lab results and related research papers, to discuss various experimental approaches in cellular/systems Neuroscience, and for student presentations on diseases and neurotoxins.

Learning Goals:

  1. Students should understand the contemporary experimental paradigms in moder neurophysiology and become technically competent with extracellular and intracellular recording techniques to explore nervous system physiology.
  2. Students should deepen their understanding of the ionic mechanisms underlying neuronal excitability and intercellular communication in the nervous system.
  3. Students should refine their skills in communicating scientific results effectively through written lab reports and oral presentations.
  4. Students should refine their critical reading skills of primary scientific literature.
  5. Students should refine their abilities to develop testable hypotheses and become independent scientific thinkers.

Academic Integrity: We expect our students to uphold the highest standards of academic integrity in their own work, and to refuse to tolerate violations of academic integrity by others. The University's Code of Academic Integrity can be reviewed at:


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MID-TERM PAPER: March 23, 2016

FINAL PAPER and SPECIAL PROJECT PRESENTATIONS: Will be due at time of University scheduled Final Exam


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