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BioNB330 - Introduction to Computational Neuroscience Lab


The lab for this class consists of a series of computer excercises designed specifically to accompany the material presented in class and to deepen the students' understanding of these materials.

The labs are coordinated with the lectures. The TA will be available in the computer teaching lab on Monday mornings (10 am - noon), Comstock Hall B160).

All lab assignemenmts need to be handed in on blackboard by Sunday 6pm.

The lab assigbements use custom made software written in the freely available simulator NEURON. You can either download the software to your computer or use the computer lab to do the assigmenets. Software for PCs is included with the package made available here, for other operating systems check

To get started, create a folder on your computer and download the following files. Then follow the instructions in lab_manual.doc to start the software. For individual assignments, check the Lab Modules posted on the webpage.