Cryptosporidium and the New York City Watershed

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The New York City Watersheds

New York City-- a bustling metropolis of over 9 million people. Finding enough high quality water for this growing community has not been easy. Currently, NYC gets its water from two reservoir systems northwest of the city: the Croton watershed and the more rural Catskill/Delaware watershed. Together these systems supply NYC with 1.3 billion gallons of water every day!

The Safe Water Drinking Act of 1986 requires systems like NYC's to be filtered, unless the EPA grants a waiver. NYC currently has to spend at least $1.3 billion to build a filtration plant for the Croton water supply.

Because of this tremendous expense, NYC applied for a filtration waiver for the Catskill/Delaware watershed, proposing instead to protect water quality though a watershed protection program. This was granted and a watershed protection program is now in place. But is it working?

To better understand this, look over the NYC watershed references the answer questios about the watershed at this time.


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